Wood, soil/sand, metal, stone/clay, leather, glass, fabric, paper, and plastic, are the basic materials that nature so kindly bestowed on us. We work these 9 materials cohesively as we believe they contribute greatly to the production of highly valued artwork. Because of this philosophy, we proudly name ourselves, Top9 furniture and handicrafts.

Located in Bali, the window of Indonesia’s tourism, Top9 is a company specializing in the wholesale and retail of Indonesian furniture and handicrafts. Since our establishment in 1997, we have been providing high quality teak furniture to the export and local market. Over the years, Top9 has grown to be a well known wholesaler-retailer and one of Indonesia’s leading Furniture Companies. In response to increasing demands for handicrafts from our customers, we expanded our business to become a handicraft company in 2009. With this trust, we are now proud to be a furniture and handicrafts company.

Our business concept is to offer a complete range of Indonesian products, from furniture & home decorations to gifts & accessories, to our customers. Our main objective is to herald the art values and detailed works of Indonesia’s handmade products to a worldwide market through our carefully selected furniture & handicrafts collection. We serve whole salers, retailers, buying agents, traders & individual customers from all over the world, as well as home projects such as residential houses and apartments.

Our product collections range from items that can be reproduced to “one of a kind” items. Our furniture collection, comprising of bed frames, bedside tables, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, sofas, benches, consoles, etc, are mostly made of Teak, Indonesia’s most famous wood. Our handicraft collection encompasses floor decorations, table decorations, wall decorations, ceiling decorations, and gift & accessories. We also customise, develop or adjust existing designs to suit our client’s every needs.

We keep pushing ourselves forward & continue to introduce new collections of furniture and handicrafts. We not only ensure on-time delivery and outstanding before & after sales service for customer satisfaction, but we also strongly embrace our core value which is
“Quality artwork is our Top priority”

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